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Providing a diverse array of products for all homes and all seasons.



A visit to our showroom will delight your senses. From the visual and sensory appeal of colors and textures across thousands of products to the aromatic scents of our everyday and seasonal candle line, our showroom has something for everyone. Our emphasis on style, functionality and value is on full display with a wide range of products designed to enhance the look and feel of any room in any home, from the living room to the bedroom and beyond.

Established 1987

DesignStyles USA

DesignStyles is committed to absolute customer satisfaction. We know you expect a standard that highlights our utmost. That’s why our team incorporates the dedicated talent of in-house interior designers and artists. It’s why we work with established factories the world-over and produce designer certified products with a mark of character.

The creative minds behind our products know what it takes to bring out the potential in each room. From elite art schools to the most exclusive design studios, our dynamic team of diverse talent ensures each product will elevate your home.

Our Brands

● Beach Dream
● Serenidad
● Willow and Riley
● Simply brilliant
● Wellington and Hawke
● Penmore Brooke


● Becki Owens
● Jojo Fletcher
● Rae Dunn
● KT Merz
● Dabney Lee


● Us Army
● Life is Good
● Papyrus

Quality Control

Our quality control protocols go beyond third party factory evaluations. DesignStyles representatives monitor each factory to ensure uncompromising quality standard.

Speed to Market

We are vertically integrated with a robust network of factories which allows us the ability to manufacture products with superior efficiency.

In-house Design Team

DesignStyles is home to an electric group of creative minds who tap into their own diverse experiences to develop products that will turn any house into a beautiful home.


What Our Clients Say

"I love buying from this company, loads of lovely Rae Dunn! They always reply straight away and my urgent request was fulfilled which I was so grateful for! Thank you xx"
"The merchandise is well made. Excellent quality. I think my customers will love these."
"Amazing doing business with designstyles especially with Sammy."
Benny W.

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